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Q: Are there instances where it is good to use both an onload event and an onreadystatechange event? I'm writing an AJAX script and I'm wondering how I should handle loading of the script and when I have a response from the server. At the moment I have setTimeout(function(){ doAjaxStuff() }, 5000); But then also: window.onload = function() { } I realize that the onload event fires before the onreadystatechange event but is it bad to use both the onload and the onreadystatechange event at the same time? The reason I ask is that I am using a text area with an id of commentBox and when I type something in the box, the AJAX script takes that and puts it in the database. So at the moment, I just have it: then to retrieve the data from the text box: $(function(){ document.getElementById('commentBox').onkeypress = function() { doAjaxStuff() } }); Are both these ok? I don't feel like I need the timeout and am thinking that the onkeypress event is still valid after the AJAX is complete. A: They're not mutually exclusive, so it's ok to have both. One of the main advantages of the onload event is that it fires after the DOM is ready for javascript actions. If you're adding some JavaScript logic after the DOM has been loaded but before the onload event is fired, you're probably doing it wrong. So, no, it's not a problem to use both of them. As a side note, calling window.onload is pointless if you're not using HTML5. Ways of improving the early stages of the food chain to protect the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea is under severe pressure because of the current state of eutrophication. In recent decades, nutrients have increased more than threefold in the Baltic Sea. The most prominent cause is nitrogen input from sewage effluent. The total amount of nitrogen in the




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