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Hardwired Roller Blinds at Height

We were contacted by a local Maidenhead Parish Hall representative with a bit of a predicament. The Hall is used for all sorts of activities including Baby Sensory classes, student study sessions, yoga, film shows…to name but a few. However, they all had a few issues with the natural lighting, given that the entire perimeter of the Hall is surrounded by 16 windows at a height of 5 metres from the floor! Sunlight was often in someone’s eyes at some point in the day – we all love sunlight of course, but it isn’t always conducive to the activities taking place, so something had to be done!

The Window Wear Company was tasked with providing a bespoke solution - 16 blackout roller blinds that can be individually controlled via remote control. Cassetted bloc-out blinds with side channels can cut out all light completely, but the design of the building’s window openers was prohibitive. The next best option was to use a Fire Retardant blackout fabric in a neutral colour with motorised hardware, positioned close to the windows, giving as much shade as possible. Each blind programmed onto one remote control, allowing sections to be closed or all blinds to be closed and opened together. Several power options were considered…solar powered and battery operated, but it was agreed that a hardwired circuit would reduce the possibility of maintenance requirements over the long term.

The results can be seen in the video….and in the happy faces of the babies, students, yogis and film buffs of the Parish!

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